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        Hangzhou Lingyue Science Technology Co., Ltd.

        Company Introduction

        We are located in Hangzhou and are specialized in manufacturing micro switches and valves.Our factory, Zhejiang QIAOH industrial Co., LTD. Established since 1987, has been committed to the research and production of electronic components, especially in micro switch products field, QIAOH production technology and produc...


        Rocker Switch-KDC-A06-B121D3
        Rocker Switch-KDC-A06-B121D5
        Rocker Switch-KDC-A06-B121D4
        Rocker Switch-KDC-A06-B41
        Rocker Switch-KDC-A06-A322
        Rocker Switch-KDC-A06-A3
        Rocker Switch-KDC-A06-A2D5
        Rocker Switch-KDC-A06-A2D4
        Rocker Switch-KDC-A06-A2D3
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